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    I have had a love for dogs since I was small, my Uncle was a vet and I would go to work with him, whether it was on farm calls or on small animals in the clinic.  I learned a lot from him about taking care of dogs.  We are a family owned kennel in the heart of the Ozarks.  We are located in Southwest Missouri on beautiful Table Rock Lake.  My husband and I both take care of the kennel, we also have a large farm where we raise beef cattle, we also have horses & sheep.  We have been raising dogs for 17 years.  We started with Border Collies because we needed help on the farm.  We became a Blue Ribbon Kennel in December 2005.  We are one of the few kennels in Missouri who have qualified to become one.  We have two beautiful children who are both married with wonderful spouses, and two very special Grandsons and a beautiful Granddaughter born Dec 2011.

In May 2008 I started showing Jake, my Boston Terrier. He has been CERF tested, BAER tested, Juvenile Cataract - clear, OFA Patellas and cardiac, he has passed all of these tests. Since then I have started having several other of my dogs tested. The Bostons have all been CERF tested, they have all been OFA Patella & Cardiac tested and are good. I have had my male Cairn Mickey and females Melody, Madison & Symphony have been CERF tested normal & OFA Patella & Cardiac - good. Also Hannah & Garrett the Border Collies have been CERF'd - normal, OFA Patella & Cardiac - Good. Hannah has been OFA hips - good.

I show several of my dogs now. Currently in 2012 I will be showing a Hannah daughter, Skye, she was born 4/25/2011. She is a beautiful dog and should do well. I also kept her brother Dooley, who currently resides in Idaho with his sires owner. I also show a friends Cairn named Maggie, she currently has 8 points including 1 - 3 pt major. She is a Bentley daughter. Watch for updates on their show careers.

NEWS FLASH: Stoneridge Wrangler Sunshine on a Cloudy Day aka Skye is now a Champion, she finished her CH in Sedalia, MO on July 8, 2012 under Judge James E. Frederiksen. Her brother Dooley is living out in Idaho with Ronna Stewart and is 3 pts away from being a CH. He has both his majors. Their Sire/Brand and Dooley and a 1/2 sister Roxie are featured in the Herding Dog digest.


   We breed Boston Terriers, Cairn Terriers, occaisonally we have a litter of Border Collies.  We feed ProPac Performance puppy food and adult food.   It is a high quality food that my dogs love to eat, you can click on the link and put in your zip code and it will tell you if it is available close to you.

I am a member of:

Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club -  http://www.nwakennelclub.com   

Heartland Boston Terrier Club - http://www.heartlandbostonterrierclub.org

Border Collie Society of America - http://www.bordercolliesociety.com/

Boston Terrier Club of America - http://bostonterrierclubofamerica.org/




Meet Murdock

Murdock is a doggie actor whom I got to meet at the Pet Expo in 2008.

He works out of Hollywood Paws in LA





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Fine Art by Suzanne Renaud
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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Pablo Picasso





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