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About us:

    I have had a love for dogs since I was small, my Uncle was a vet and I would go to work with him, whether it was on farm calls or on small animals in the clinic.  I learned a lot from him about taking care of dogs.  I have rasied dogs for over 20 years now, but the last 8 years I have taken a new direction with my dogs. I got into showing dogs in 2008 and it is the love of my life. I have raised a few Champions and will continue to do so. Going to shows and being with my dogs and great friends is my favorite thing to do. I live in the heart of the Ozarks close to Table Rock Lake, it is beautiful here.

In May 2008 I started showing Jake, my Boston Terrier. He is now a CH

I have been doing all required health testing for my dogs

Boston Terrier - CERF, BAER, JVC, OFA Patella and Cardiac

Cairn Terrier - Liver bile acid, CERF, OFA Patella and Cardiac, CMO testing and will be doing the GCLs

Border Collie - CERF, BAER, OFA Patella and Cardiac, TNS, CEA/CH, CL

   We breed Boston Terriers, Cairn Terriers, occaisonally we have a litter of Border Collies.  We feed ProPac Performance puppy food to the BC puppies and Sportsmix Wholesomes Chicken and Rice, I also feed Nutrisource small/med breed adult and puppy.  

I am a member of:

Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club -  http://www.nwakennelclub.com   

Heartland Boston Terrier Club - http://www.heartlandbostonterrierclub.org

Border Collie Society of America - http://www.bordercolliesociety.com/

Boston Terrier Club of America - http://bostonterrierclubofamerica.org/




Meet Murdock

Murdock is a doggie actor whom I got to meet at the Pet Expo in 2008.

He works out of Hollywood Paws in LA





Featured Artist:

Artwork used with permission by:

Fine Art by Suzanne Renaud
VISIT: www.preciouspetpaintings.com
Just more to smile about!

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Pablo Picasso





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These are Hallmark cards

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is one I raised!






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