We ship puppies!    USDA requires puppies to be 8 weeks of age in order to be sold.  We normally ship puppies at 10 to 12 weeks of age, depending on size and weather permitting.  All puppies arrive with a vet certified health certificate guarantying the puppy is healthy upon arrival.

How can I ship in extreme weather temperature?

Option 1: You are more than welcome to come pick up the puppy, whether it be fly into the airport and we will  meet you there with the puppy, where you would put it in a carrier directly under your seat and take him home (we need 24 hrs notice please) or

Option 2: You are more than welcome to come pick up the puppy at our  kennel.

Option 3: We can meet you part-way at the cost of $1 per mile one way.  I normally go no more than 3-4 hrs. Must have 48 hours notice.

Option 4:  In some cases I can fly the puppy to you, this entails you paying for any charges incurred to do this.  I will attempt to find the cheapest prices for my flights, and most likely there would be an overnight stay.

How are the puppies shipped?                                                    

Puppies are shipped thru American Airlines, Delta or Northwest out of XNA in Fayetteville AR.  Occasionally I can use the Tulsa OK airport.  

Shipping may not be done in extreme weather temperatures.  The airlines will not let the puppies ship below 35 degrees or above 85 degrees.  Short nosed dogs can't be shipped when temps go above 75 degrees.

What is the average shipping fee?

The average fee is around
$250.00 - $350.00, but depends on how many animals are being shipped and where they are going. This fee includes: Puppy carrier, water and feed tray, vet check and health certificate, puppy care pack, and the microchip.  

I can ship to some foreign countries (I am not able to ship to Hawaii or Guam) but I will have to check quarantine laws to make sure if I can ship to your country.  Most foreign countries will require an extra $250.00 on top of the shipping fee and must be paid up front with the deposit to begin the process.


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