CSKA — eight-time European club champion! This time there were no unpleasant flights.

The army team actually registered in the Euroleague “final four”, the main basketball European Cup. Suffice it to say that CSKA got into the quartet of the strongest teams of the Old World for the eighth time in a row! And if we take all the “finals of four” Euroleague ULEB, held from the 2002/03 season, then only once did the army team made it to the list of its participants. With titles it was much more problematic. Only three times during this period, CSKA won the Euroleague. And here came the fourth victory!

On Sunday’s final against the Turkish Anadolu Efes, the army club was the favorite, but how many times did it happen before, and at the last moment the trophy slipped away. It happened that the advantages under 20 points were not enough to win.

At this time, CSKA did not allow any sensations. In the course of the match there were moments when the opponent went ahead, but still the game was controlled by the Russian team.

Confident victory — 91:83! The most productive players in the winners were Cory Higgins and Will Clyburn, who scored 20 points each. The latter was recognized as the final MVP.

In the Soviet period, the army club won four times in the European Cup, now four more victories have been achieved in the 21st century!

More titles only in Madrid “Real” (10), whom CSKA beat in the semifinals!

BASKETBALL. EUROLIGA. Vitoria (Spain). The final Anadolu Efes (Istanbul, Turkey) — CSKA (Moscow, Russia) — 83: 91 (20:29, 22:15, 20:24, 21:23)

CSKA: de Colo, Bolomba, Peters, Ukhov, Rodriguez, Vorontsevich, Clyburn, Higgins, Hackett, Kurbanov, Heins, Hunter.

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