Panarin — the second in terms of wages among league players

Former Columbus players Artemy Panarin and Sergey Bobrovsky, who entered the free agent market, found new clubs in the NHL. The first signed a contract with the Rangers, the second — with Florida. And in terms of the annual salary, Artemy became the second hockey player in the league, and Sergey — the second among goalkeepers.

By the way, Panarin could even become the highest-paid player in the NHL if he signed a contract with another New York club, the Islanders, who offered him $ 7 million more. However, Oleg Znarok’s son-in-law chose the Rangers. According to Sportsnet, the Russian signed an agreement with the «Broadway» for a period of seven years, the total amount of the contract amounted to 81.5 million dollars.

The average annual salary of Panarin is 11.642 million. More in the NHL gets only the Edmonton striker Connor McDavid ($ 12.5 million a year). At the same time, Panarin did not win any special laurels in his former teams, Chicago and Columbus.

For comparison: the most productive forward of the overseas league Alexander Ovechkin from “Washington” has an average annual salary of “only” 9.5 million dollars.

Goalkeeper Bobrovsky signed an agreement with the «Florida» also for 7 years. Salary Russians for the season will be 10 million dollars. Bobrovsky will earn 47.5 million dollars in the first four years of the contract. Of the 70 million he receives for all the time spent in the club, 33 are subscription bonuses. Also in the contract spelled out a complete ban on the movement of Bobrovsky during the first four years. From July 1, 2024, the club may request a list of 16 teams from it, where it blocks the exchange.

Thus, the Russian became the second goalkeeper in the NHL in terms of annual salary. Ahead only Carey Price from «Montreal» with an annual salary of 10.5 million dollars. In this case, the contract of Russians for a total amount of 70 million «American rubles» became the largest in the history of «Florida». Previously, the owner of the record was Pavel Bure with a contract for 50 million «greens».

Another Russian goalkeeper, Semen Varlamov, left the “Colorado” after eight years spent there and signed a contract with the “Islanders” for a period of 4 years. Officially, the salary of a 31-year-old goalkeeper is not reported. Before moving to the “avalanche camp”, Semen defended the colors of “Washington” for three seasons. In total, in the NHL, he spent 448 matches.

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