The Russian national team climbed to fourth place in the summer pre-Olympic season after the drawing of the 102nd Olympic disciplines from the 339th

Yesterday, July 28, the World Aquatics Championship ended in Gwangju (South Korea). A little earlier the world championships in football (women), cycling, BMX and fencing were held. In total, this year’s pre-Olympic season already held 12 world championships. 102 sets of medals were awarded in the Olympic disciplines — out of the 339 scheduled for the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

The Russians won 28 medals — nine gold, 11 silver and eight bronze, which allows them to take fourth place in the team event. The leaders are the Chinese (18-14-6), the second — the Americans (17-10-9), the third — the Australians (10-12-9), the fifth — the Dutch (6-6-0), the sixth — the British (6-5 -9). According to the total number of awards, the first are the Chinese (38), the second are the Americans (36), the third are the Australians (31), the fourth are the Russians (28). It is reported by the Agency «All Sport».

In 2019, the Olympic program was closed at the world championships in cycle track, archery, trap shooting, taekwondo, fencing, swimming, diving, artistic swimming, water polo, and swimming in open water. A personal world championship was held in table tennis, in which two sets of four rewards in the Games program were played (without team competitions). In basketball, 3×3 competitions were held (these are two of the four disciplines of the Olympic program), two sets of 10 were played in sailing, only the women’s world championship was held in football.

At the World Championships in water sports in synchronized swimming duo Svetlana Kolesnichenko / Svetlana Romashina and the group won. In swimming, the gold of Russia was brought by Anton Chupkov (breaststroke, 200 meters), Evgeny Rylov (back, 200 meters) and Yulia Efimova (breaststroke, 200 meters). Silver was won by Andrei Minakov (butterfly, 100 m), Yevgeny Rylov (back, 100 m), Yulia Efimova (breaststroke, 100 m) and men’s teams in 4×100 and 4×200 m rabbit ostrophies.

Vladislav Grinev (krol, 100 m) took the bronze, Martin Malyutin (crawl, 200 m) and the men’s team in the 4×100 m combined relay. In diving, Alexander Bondar took silver in sync from the tower with Viktor Minibaev and bronze in individual jumping from the tower.

In fencing, the rapierist Inna Deriglazova won in her personal tournament and in a team with Adeline Zagidullina, Anastasia Ivanova and Larisa Korobeinikova. Another gold of Russia is in the women’s saber team (Sophia the Great, Olga Nikitina, Yana Egoryan, Sophia Pozdnyakova). Silver was won by the Great Saber woman, Sergey Bida, a sword player, and a team of swordwomen (Violetta Kolobova, Tatyana Andryushina, Lyubov Shutova, Violetta Khrapina). Bronze — in the asset of the rapier Dmitry Zherebchenko.

Also this summer season, Vyacheslav Krasilnikov and Oleg Stoyanovsky have become world beach volleyball champions. In the cycle track of Russia, medals in the Olympic disciplines brought: silver — Daria Shmelyova and Anastasia Voinova in the team sprint, bronze — Denis Dmitriev, Alexander Sharapov and Pavel Yakushevsky in the team sprint and Shmeleva in the keyrin. In shotgun shooting in the doubles (trap) silver was won by Yuliya Savelyeva and Maxim Smykov. In Taekwondo, Aleksey Denisenko got bronze (up to 68 kg).

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